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Discover the answers to our most popular questions about Great Western Trail Beef!

Absolutely! We raise our cattle from beginning to end on the trail in the pasture. When the time comes
to finish out the animal, we grain-finish. Todd, our expert, has meticulously crafted a special grain ration
that is fed to the cattle along with alfalfa produced by Julie’s brother and nephew. This unique
combination of grain finishing and nutrient-rich alfalfa results in leaner beef with exceptional mouth-
watering marbling.

At our farm, we raise our beef from momma cows. Occasionally, Todd finds calves that meet his criteria
for confirmation, muscling, and temperament. We spend dedicated time with the herds, allowing us to
provide you with detailed insights about the animal you consume, including bloodlines, health history,
and temperament. Experience the difference of our attentive care and savor the true essence of farm-
to-table goodness.

We use three different USDA-inspected processers. Ray’s Meat Market and Processing in Woodward, OK
primarily does our ¼, ½ and whole processing. Chieftain Brand Meats out of Kiowa, KS provides us with
tasty specialty cuts providing our Philly steaks, minute steaks, liver steaks and of course our convenient
on-the-go meat sticks. Lastly, we use Fischer’s Meat Market down in Muenster, TX. This German family-
owned business has been processing meat since 1927, through multiple generations. Through their
facility we can provide you with tempting beef treasures of brats, hot links, mild all beef breakfast
sausage, summer sausage and Italian sausages prepared with recipes that have been tried and true. Our
tallow, course ground beef and short ribs also come from this facility.

Yes, all our beef is USDA inspected. We are also a USDA certified and Beef Quality Assurance certified

All your beef will come in clearly labeled vacuum-sealed packages.

We ship your beef frozen in a sturdy cardboard box with a 2-inch Styrofoam insert along with frozen gel
packs and dry ice during the hottest part of the year. You have the option to choose between overnight
and 2-day shipping, which are both suitable with the packaging we use.

Yes! We work closely with FedEx to ensure quality service and timely deliveries. You will be notified
when your package has shipped and provided with your tracking number.

We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure your package has plenty of time to arrive to you before
the weekend. Any orders placed after Monday or Tuesday will be shipped out the following week.

Yes. All butcher facilities flash freeze beef cuts once they are packaged. This preserves the freshness and
quality better than regular freezing and keeps the meat naturally red in appearance.

No! You are getting a 100% natural product, unlike store-bought beef, which may contain additives to
keep the meat red in appearance. Brats and sausages are all beef, except for the pork casing.

Dry aging is a natural process that tenderizes the meat, concentrates flavors, and removes water. When
you purchase dry-aged ground beef, you’re not paying extra for the water weight found in conventional
store-bought ground beef (up to 30% of its weight!).

Yes. We work closely with the butcher on all our butchering specifications, one of them being how long
the beef is aged. We dry-age our beef for 2-3 weeks, unlike store-bought beef, for optimum flavor and

No! We don’t believe in using growth hormones, plus it actually causes tougher meat in the final

We are stewards of our animals and the environment. If an animal becomes sick, we do treat the
animal. Sometimes treatment includes bringing the animal in from the pasture and supplementing their
feed, giving a mineral supplement, occasionally giving electrolytes, or treating with essential oils.
Antibiotics are given only as a last resort treatment. Any animal that has been administered antibiotics is
taken out of the processing rotation.

Our most popular package is the 25 pound package, which is about a cubic foot of space, and has no
trouble fitting into the available freezer space of an ordinary home refrigerator. Check out this graphic
to see how much you should order based on your family-size and freezer space. [Link to graphic]

Ground beef and stew meat come in 1 pound packages. However, if you wish to order a half beef it can
be cut custom to your specifications, and you can get larger packages.